1. It would be perfect if at least a month before you will start working on your physical fitness and prepare your muscles for performance on the slope. Begin with walking and as your fitness improves increase the distance and the pace to the point you start running. Run regularly, what will increase your muscle strength and fitness. These are two key factors during first steps while skiing or snowboarding.
  2. Best option is to wear multilayer clothing – so that during exercise you can get rid of excessive layers but not too many. It’s good to have a spare pair of gloves and a warm fleece layer.
  3. It’s best to trust the pros. In a professional ski rental they will help you choosing suitable gear. They will also advise on the angles of snowboard bindings.
  4. Before leaving the room – check the weather on www.sudetylift.pl and avalanche warnings on GOPR website. Have your phone, spare clothing and a flask with warm tea always with you.
  5. Green is for the easiest slopes. Although not very common – indicating a superflat piste. Blue marked slopes are also gentle, perfect for beginners. Start with this one, when advancing further move to the red ones and then black. But be careful, black-marked slopes are for proriders.