We will teach you how to ski!

We have gained our experience on the slopes worldwide and during international skiing competitions. We will show you everything we know about skiing and will spread our snow passion!

Each day, our instructors teach lessons on various slopes on different skill levels.

Tomek is in charge of our ski department – the cofounder of the school and professional skier of KSM LABSKI ski club. He has a multitude of ski achievements on international level and great experience in teaching others. He’s an incredible competitor, skiing very fast indeed – his top skiing speed in 180 km/h.

At the school we teach individually or in groups.

Individual lessons are the best idea for the beginners. Time spent one to one with the instructor allows for more effective practice – the instructor secures the student all the time, constantly corrects and explains the errors and helps performing the exercise. A weeklong consecutive lessons are enough to ride on your own for the rest of the stay.

Group lessons are better for couples, families or group of friends, who want to spend all the time on the slope together. It is essential though that the skill level of all of the students is similar – thus they will be able to develop their abilities together.

You’re not sure if your skill levels are similar? Our instructors will tell you about it on the first lesson and advise what type of lessons will be most suitable to you.


We know what snowboarding is!

Each year we gather new experience spending a couple of weeks in the foreign mountains – most frequently European glaciers and biggest ski resorts. This is where we find snow , when the season in Poland is over.

Maciek is in charge of our snowboard department – school’s cofounder and professional snowboarder. Although years ago he used to perform cross-country skiing, ski jumping or simply skiing nowadays he can’t part with his snowboard.

Perfect snow conditions in Szklarska Poreba as well as the knowledge and experience of our instructors will guarantee quick and efficient learning. After a week-long training you will be ready to spend time snowboarding on your own.

Lessons are organized with students on various levels and slopes with different degree of difficulty, individually or in groups.

Lekcje mogą odbywać się indywidualnie lub grupowo.

The individual lessons provide the quickest progress.

Those in groups are specifically designated for people willing to learn together with friends or family. All the participants should be at a similar skill level at the beginning of the classes to assure best possible results.

You’re not sure what classes type to choose? We will help you!


We love kids and they love us!

Although most of all they adore Karol.

The kindergarten is the best way to spend time for the youngest arriving to Szklarska Poreba with their parents. Our instructors are well prepared to cooperate with kids, having pedagogical background and experience in this range. Karol is always an additional team member, leading the warm-up part of the day. After warm-up kids are divided into groups depending on their skill level.

There are three proficiency levels – First Steps, Kid Skier and Pros.

  • First Steps – group dedicated to children who haven’t tried skiing yet. They stay at the kindergarten where they learn the basics by simply having fun. Here they will find out that the ski tips are in love, and tails don’t like each other as well as how to do “pizza skiing” and “chips skiing”. The kindergarten area has a just right slope angle, to make the first steps and this is where balls, mattresses and interactive toys await the kids.
  • Kid Skiers and Prosare the more advanced groups and together with an instructor they will polish their skills. Most frequently they ski down “Puchatek” – the piste 1400 m long with a gentle slope.

During the classes kids wear special vests and get helmet stickers with their names to integrate faster with the group.

We also take care of our kids’ rest so there is always a break with hot tea and cookies in the “Szalas Zywiecki” nearby.

The whole kindergarten area is limited with safety nets and prepared specifically for the kids.



Young snowboarders will finally be able to polish their skills with us!

We offer the first snowboard preschool in Szklarska Poreba.

The school is dedicated to kids who have already made their first steps in snowboarding and now they want to polish their skills with professional instructors. The youngsters will improve their turns, get to know new techniques and freestyle basics.

The best instructors, beloved by all kids, are waiting for young snowboarders!


Are you a little too tired for another day on the slope, but still eager to do something more exciting than traditional sledging? Snow tubing is for you!

These are special inner tubes (similar to dinghies) sliding down a specifically prepared track. There are two difficulty levels available (a gentler or a steeper track), at the end of each one there is a long run out, which gradually brings riders to a stop.

Tracks are located just 50 m away from our headquarters, next to the bottom of the Szrenica lift.

Come and ride!


Ski touring enables you to walk uphill in a very easy manner. A special material – skin – is glued to the base of the ski which enhances the grip and allows for fast gliding forward but not sliding backwards. The bindings switch with one click from “skiing” to “walk-up” mode.

Our school offers excursions led by Karkonoski National Park guides and instructors who will teach you using the skis properly. Trails have different lengths and difficulty levels, so we will choose one according to your needs. We will show you places inaccessible by other means. See the mountains in the winter from previously unknown perspective!


Is the season over? For us never. This is why we always seek for snow and go wherever it is. We arrange skiing and snowboard trips/camps even if the snow is long gone in Poland, to continue doing what we love the most. Want to join us?


We ski and snowboard on daily basis, however we always find time to organize some winter events. We eagerly cooperate with external companies, so if you’re interested – let us know!


Thanks to extensive experience in organizing sports competitions gained in many international events on PRO level, we are able to prepare professional skiing and snowboarding contests.